ML Colton Editing Services

ML Colton Editing Services

Why use editing services?

For any writer, editing is essential. Trying to edit your own work is like a surgeon trying to operate on himself. Finding a good editor who can be trusted and works well with you is a wonderful way to enhance your writing. You want to find someone to develop a report with, who is good at objectively combing through your work, and can find all the areas needing attention, so that your writing achieves a high level of excellence as it goes out to the public. Nothing annoys readers more than finding spelling errors and inconsistencies as they read through your stories. These errors distract readers from the essence of the story, the connection we strive to achieve with our readers. We all have flaws and quirks in our writing and that is why having an editor is so important.

Having an editor you can work with is vital, but let’s face it, having someone pick apart your work looking for imperfections, can be a painful process. It can be difficult to hear you are “wrong” or even that something you thought was great could be improved. An editor can objectively look at your work and make it better. If the editor “gets” you, your voice, the editing experience will help you improve your skills while also helping you put out the best possible work.

How can we help?

ML Colton Editorial Services provides a full range of editing services for indie authors. Whether you are looking for someone to do in-depth edits for content or do a final proofread, you can find what you need with ML Colton’s editing.

She does editing across genres and different formats. If you have a short story, novel, novella, blog article, or anything else you need another set of eyes on, ML Colton Editorial Services can help.   Editing your own work is extremely difficult. No matter how many times you go over something, it is incredibly easy to miss something, so finding an editor is essential to every writer.

ML Colton’s editing philosophy is simple- her job is to make your work the best it can be. To achieve this goal, ML Colton works to have a good working relationship with her authors. She strives to understand the voice of each writer and stay true to that voice through the editing process. Open communication is the key with editing. It is also important to keep deadlines in mind- ML Colton tries to always be timely with edits.

What is the process?

The process starts with an introduction and read through of your piece, followed by proofreading. Proofreading is done in the text with track changes. Content edits for consistency, wording, questions, etc. are done in comments in the margins. You will find suggestions for these edits, especially rewording sentences, helpful, to use at your pleasure. Suggestions are just that-suggestions- you may use the suggestions or use your own rewrites, but either way the area needing adjustment will be pointed out.

Usually the minimum number of times a piece is edited is three. However it could take more rounds of edits if there are major changes as the piece goes back and forth. This is why communication between the editor and writer is important. There is always a final read-through to make sure everything is fixed.

About ML Colton

ML Colton began editing professionally about a year ago. She has been a teacher for 12 years with two Master’s degrees. While she has been editing in the horror genre recently, she does editing across many different genres. She is the person you want for anything historical. In addition to novels, like the current Dead Trees 2 by Eli Constant, ML Colton also edits novellas, short stories, flash fiction, and articles. You can see some of her editing on blogs like Trip Through My Mind. Please inquire for prices.

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