At Charon Coin Press, we believe reading is fundamental to enhance the enjoyment of everyday life. This inherent belief is what drives us to provide the best possible books for readers to enjoy.

What makes the “best possible” book?

We understand the market is overflowing with choices, and readers have a multitude of stories to explore and purchase. Charon Coin Press would like to share with you why our books should be a part of your choice.

Quality Stories: A quality story will take the reader on an exploration of a world created by an author. Charon Coin Press seeks out stories of the highest quality for our anthologies, novellas, and novels.

Professional Packaging: Readers DO judge a book by the cover. Charon Coin Press seeks out the right artists to translate the stories into eye-catching art, bringing out the feel of what lies between the covers.

Availability: Whether your preference is eBook or holding a book in your hand, Charon Coin Press strives to have titles readily available in a variety of formats as well as locally accessible. We are constantly searching for book retailers to give readers as many options as possible.

This year will be an amazing year with many upcoming book releases. As our catalog grows, this section will reflect both the upcoming releases as well as those books already available.

Share your thoughts.

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