Charon, the mythical ferryman of the river Styx, pay him your coin and he would take you across the river to the underworld. Seems only fitting to name a press that will take readers on journeys through new worlds, horrifying minds, trips through the dark side, after such a creature.  Charon Coin Press is a publisher of speculative fiction– a term encompassing a variety of genres from fantasy to horror, science fiction to supernatural stories, superheroes to apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic fiction, even historical fiction.  What matters to us is a good story.

We here at Charon Coin Press are first and foremost lovers of books. We are avid readers and love nothing more than to be wrapped up in fantastical tales taking us away from our own mundane worlds.  Our first foray into the world of speculative fiction was through horror. At a young age, masters like Clive Barker, H.P. Lovecraft, Stephen King, and Anne Rice pulled us into their world and kept us craving for more.  As we continued our quest for stories we found some amazingly talented independent authors.  These writers would weave their stories into an imaginative tapestry which called to us, drawing our attention, keeping us engaged.

As we became involved in the State of Horror Anthology, we realized how much talent and creativity there is out there waiting to be discovered, waiting to get into the hands of anxious readers like us. Our vision became clear, becoming a mission-to produce quality works of speculative fiction with the readers in mind by creating a connection, a relationship if you will, with these fantastic authors

Our goal is to help support authors reach the readers with their wonderful stories.  Currently we offer full editing services, and graphic designs to help with the release process.  As we grow, we plan to have a full line of resources available to the writing community through our network in order to connect with readers.  Our goal is to forge a link between readers looking for a great story and the authors creating the stories.

So whether it is a short story collection, novella, or full-length novel, we here at Charon Coin Press, are dedicated to making connections and ferrying you through this enjoyable journey of speculative fiction.

At this time we are not accepting unsolicited works of fiction as we have several projects currently under way. Check out the open submissions tab to see what is available for submission.  You can also follow not only this site, but our Facebook page and Twitter to keep up with our upcoming releases. For more information or to contact Charon Coin Press, visit our Contact page.

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