When Death Is Just the Beginning…

Paying the Ferryman coverThe Ferryman has arrived!

Charon Coin Press is thrilled to announce—Paying the Ferryman is now available! Paying the Ferryman, an anthology in which death is just the beginning of the story is brought to you by editor, Margaret L. Colton. It features a foreword by acclaimed author, Hal Bodner and twenty exciting stories sure to give you a thrill from the afterlife. What could be worse than death? Each story will take you on a journey through after-death to explore just that question.

Each story within Paying the Ferryman has its own twist on a fate worse than death. Each of the twenty authors put imagination into these memorable characters. Find out if people really get what they deserve, if the innocent are trapped with the guilty, if a form of life continues, if lessons are learned, if life and death are a continuous loop, and if there is redemption. These stories are sure to thrill and make you think, but don’t expect puffy clouds and pearly gates because Paying the Ferryman takes a look at the darker side of after death where everyone has to pay.

Be sure to pick up your copy of Paying the Ferryman available today.
Paying the Ferryman
, when death is just the beginning…

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