Editor’s Note: “Paying the Ferryman” Announcements

Editor Margaret L. Colton of Charon Coin Press is happy to announce not only the authors for Paying the Ferryman anthology, but also the foreword done by Hal Bodner. As the release time draws nearer for Paying the Ferryman—October 20, 2015—we grow more excited with the anticipation of sharing this anthology.

Paying the Ferryman Front CoverHal Bodner is the author of the best-selling horror comedy, BITE CLUB and a Bram Stoker Award nominee in 2015 for his short story, HOT TUB. Bodner is an active member of the horror writers’ community and a past trustee of the Horror Writer’s Association. We are thrilled to welcome him aboard and have him lend his voice to the foreword for Paying the Ferryman.

Paying the Ferryman is an original anthology from Charon Coin Press.  What makes the stories in Paying the Ferryman unique is the fact that the main character is dead and the stories take place after death. Sometime we get a glimpse of the character before they die for just a moment and what happens next will take you to a place you couldn’t imagine.  When I was batting around ideas for our next anthology the concept for Paying the Ferryman hit me and I just thought it would be such a cool horror anthology.  Many authors agreed with me and began talking and writing for the anthology.  I was overwhelmed with the awesome response and the submissions that rolled in each week.

The selection process was rough because there were just so many good stories.  Some were just horrific and other took me on a journey I would not have thought of. There was so much creativity in each story that it was truly hard to choose.  Eventually the field was narrowed down to 20 stories—all varied in their vision of the after death experience.  I am so excited to work with these authors and get this book out to readers.  I have a feeling the readers will enjoy these stories as much as I do.  The release of Paying the Ferryman is October 2015.

The authors are an eclectic group as well. We have some seasoned authors whose names you may easily recognize as well as some new authors. This anthology definitely contains a talented group of people.

Here is a list of the stories and authors for Paying the Ferryman.

Foreword – Hal Bodner
Death Blossoms  – Brian W. Taylor
Thirty Days In Hell- Rick Scabrous
Side B –Silas Green
Afloat – D.S. Ullery
Malefactor – Melodie Romeo

There Will Always Be Hell to Pay – Diane Arrelle
Purgatory – Bryan Best
Pandamonium – Tanya Nehmelman
Seven Minutes – Mariesa Inez
I Am Human – Rachel Hogan
The Memory Remains – S. H. Roddey
Maze Walker-  Jenner Michaud
Eden In Spring-  Scott McCloskey
Eternity – Heidi Lane
Black Tooth Grin – Armand Rosamilia
Above the Pay Grade-  Brian Fatah Steele
The Boatman – Eric I. Dean
Repetition – Herika R. Raymer
Two Coins – Lee Pletzers
The Mai’tas Prophecy-  Jerry E. Benns

Look for more information on these authors as we get closer to the release of Paying the Ferryman. And check back with Charon Coin Press for updates and announcements.
Margaret L. Colton
Editor Paying the Ferryman

4 thoughts on “Editor’s Note: “Paying the Ferryman” Announcements

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  2. This one drives me crazy. I hear young pes2le&#8p11;30ish—uoe it inappropriately all the time. I just cringe every time I hear it. Thanks once again for being a light in this “dimmly lit” world.


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