Charon Coin Press Talks To The Star Chamber Show

TheStarChamberLogoJerry_Benns_Bio_photoCharon Coin Press’ own Jerry Benns was the featured guest on The Star Chamber Show Wednesday June 17th. This episode of the Star Chamber Show was special in two ways: it marked one year since the last appearance by Jerry Benns and was the show’s 50th episode.

Listen to the show here!

Hosts Alexander S. Brown and Selah Janel touched on a variety of topics with Benns. Items like the editing and proofing processes for anthologies were outlined, as well as the process for publishing a book. Helpful advice was given about submitting manuscripts to publishers, the availability and utilization of writing groups, what publishers look for in stories, and a few tips for new writers.

Along with the useful information and tips, there were some entertaining stories shared about how some of the projects were developed and how Charon Coin Press’ name came into being—also how do you pronounce “Charon”? A great take-away from the show was that a vision can be followed and become a reality—that is true for a publisher thinking about a project that will become a book as well as for an author with an idea that needs to be formulated into a published story.

Both Brown and Janel spoke of an aspect very dear to our hearts here at Charon Coin Press. That is giving back. Benns is very active with community service and some of his recent charitable achievements were discussed—most notably the 100 mile bike ride he participated in for the American Diabetes Association. Charon Coin Press led by Benns is proudof our involvement with various charities in the community and urge others to get involved as well.



Next charity cycle ride is the Wolfride Gran Fondo for Lupus. Donate here!

The Start Chamber Show can be heard every other week HERE. Catch up on all the past episodes. Brown and James announced a new feature as well “What are you reading?” where listeners can interact with the show by using the hashtags #amreading and #starchambershow. The Star Chamber Show is very entertaining and a good place to glean information about what is going on with indie publishing, authors, and editors. We are thrilled that our own Jerry Benns made an appearance and look forward to tuning in again soon.

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