State of Horror: New Jersey Hits Audio Book Format

This week the second audio book for the State of Horror Anthology series was released. State of Horror: New Jersey is now available for download through, Amazon, and iTunes. Once again Jack Wallen has lent his considerable voice talents to State of Horror and has added an entire new depth to State of Horror: New Jersey. In the audio edition ghosts haunt the living, monsters attack from the Pine Barrens and the boardwalks, animals run amok, and some authentic Jersey flavor is sure to please fans of horror.

NJ sudioState of Horror: New Jersey was a previously released anthology in the State of Horror Series and along with State of Horror: Illinois marked the relaunch of the series with Charon Coin Press. The stories in State of Horror: New Jersey feature 13 tales of terror from veteran writers as well as those new to the craft. As with all the State of Horror books, a Dying Days story from Armand Rosamilia is included, and because he is a jersey boy, this story is special.The Dying Days shorts included in the State of Horror series gives fans of Rosamilia’s world back stories and new characters to expand the Dying Days series.

Listening to the audio version of State of Horror: New Jersey brings listeners to a whole new level of enjoyment. Even if the books have been read, hearing the stories adds an extra depth and nuance. Jack Wallen has a knack for making characters come to life. Imagine listening to Road Wearier by Tim Baker or Rudetown Road by Blaze McRob while driving the long stretch of highway on a road trip… Or listening to Under the Boardwalk by Julianne Snow or Sweets for My Sweet by Margaret L. Colton from an iPod at the beach…or even taking a listen to several of the stories set in the Pine Barrens while on a camping trip—no need for ghost stories around the campfire, State of Horror: New Jersey will have everyone jumping at noises in the dark.

State of Horror: New Jersey joins State of Horror: Illinois audio books available now at, Amazon and iTunes today.

What’s your state of horror?

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