State of Horror: Louisiana Volume II – B.A. Sans

State of Horror Louisiana Volume II feature author B.A. Sans

B.A. SansFeatured Author: B.A. Sans
Story: Reborn on the Bayou
State of Horror: Louisiana Volume II

B.A. Sans is a renaissance man, switching between author, musician, teacher, and parent among many other duties. His first published work was a children’s story entitled A Grand Dilemma that appeared in a popular online children’s magazine. From there, his attention turned to adult horror and suspense, having numerous short stories published in a plethora of magazines and anthologies. His first novel, a young adult paranormal romance entitled From the Flames, was published in 2010. His second novel Age of the Damned began taking the world by storm a year later. In 2012, he came back to his roots and published his first children’s book, Damselfly in Distress. Presently, B. A. Sans is performing around Las Vegas with his band Geezus Cryst & Free Beer and imagining the wild carpet ride of literature that will become his next piece of writing.

Synopsis: “Reborn on the Bayou” from State of Horror: Louisiana II

A man goes to his take care of his family’s shack in the bayou.  He makes it “man-time” and spends time on his boat fishing and drinking beer. It’s not his favorite place to be but he is making the best of it.  He drinks too much and passes out, but his boat drifts and he is unsure of where in the bayou he is when he wakes.  He’s never been that far into the bayou and there is a strange fog so he is completely disoriented.  But he sees a light coming from a shack and decides to go there for help.  He enters the house and is knocked out.  When he regains consciousness he realizes he is secured to a chair and an elderly woman is calling him her Chester and saying he has come back to her.  He tries to reason with her, but to avail. He will discover things can get worse.

Artifacts of long lost lives which had existed here were found about the yard in bits and pieces.  As my eyes scanned the ground, I saw dirty and broken items of home life that had not seen use in at least a decade.

Time to Meet B.A. Sans

Charon Coin Press: What inspired your story in State of Horror?
B.A. Sans: In 2002, I visited New Orleans and fell in love with the city and the amazing melting pot of cultures.  I have always been fascinated by the mysteries of the bayou and of the unique people that live within the area.
CCP: Is there a reason this particular state appealed to you?
BAS: Louisiana has always been hauntingly beautiful to me.  It is both full of life and dark at the same time.
CCP: What do you look for in a horror story as a reader?
BAS: I look for mysterious overtones and unsuspected twists.
CCP: What is your favorite writing snack food?
BAS: Sweet and Salty Almond Bars
CCP: What other works do you have out there?
BAS:  I have taken a bit of a hiatus from writing to work on my music.  I did have two children’s books and two novels published, however, my publisher folded and none of my work is presently available.
CCP: What is one important thing the readers need to know about you?
BAS: I like dark writing. The darker, the better.
CCP: Who are your favorite authors?
BAS: H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe
CCP: What drew you to State of Horror?
BAS: I was drawn to State of Horror because I have always enjoyed the short horror story.  The ghosts of Louisiana have an enticing draw.
CCP: Do you have a favorite state or state you are waiting to open?
BAS:  I have traveled across most of the USA.  I have found that I really enjoy most states as each holds a unique beauty.
CCP: Music or no music when writing?
BAS: I almost always need music playing to focus on anything.  I prominently listen to punk rock.
CCP: If you could go anywhere in the world right now where would you go and why?
BAS: I would go to Europe to visit ancient castles and the ghosts of their past.
CCP: What was the hardest part about writing your story?
BAS: The hardest part is always creating a relatable character that the reader can identify with.
CCP: Do you have any writing rituals?
BAS: Not really.  I prewrite usually in outlining form, write the draft, and revise over and over.


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