Charon Coin Press Releases State of Horror: Louisiana Volumes I and II Anthologies.


March 31, 2015

State of Horror is a unique anthology in that it collects 13 horror stories for each of the 50 states. Each state gets a book dedicated just to its own legends, folktales, hauntings, and general spookiness. The actual state plays a role, or is a character in the stories. The settings of the State of Horror stories are recognizable even to locals. All of the State of Horror authors take care to not only incorporate the state into their stories, but to create true horror stories to thrill readers of the horror genre.

Many of the State of Horror authors write an original tale of horror they have dreamt up and incorporated into a state. Other authors take local lore or a famous haunt and put their own creative spin on the story.  Some authors even incorporate some history into their story and twist it until it terrifies even the hardiest horror lover.

State of Horror: Louisiana Volume I contains stories by Allie Marini Batts, Alexander S. Brown, Margaret L. Colton, Sarah E. Glenn, Henry P.Gravelle, Amanda Hard, Chad McKee, Ethan Nahté, Armand Rosamilia, Jay Seate, Tommy B. Smith, Pamela Troy, and J. Jay Waller 

State of Horror: Louisiana Volume I available March 17th, 2015State of Horror: Louisiana Volume II contains stories by Teresa Bergen, Stuart Conover, J. Lamm, J.M. Lawrence, Ambrose Stolliker, Edward Moore, Jonathan S. Pembroke, Nathan Pettigrew, Herika R. Raymer, Melodie Romeo, Armand Rosamilia, B. A. Sans, and Anthony Watson.


Since State of Horror: Louisiana was previously released; within its re-launch, it features the eight previously released stories along with eighteen brand new stories to create a two volume set. The authors both new and old did a fantastic job of staying true to the horror genre with stories spanning the bayous, small towns, and major cities. Every kind of creature and monster and even twisted human can be found in the volumes of Louisiana. In these books are authors who have published over 200 titles as well as authors with their very first published story. All of the stories are crafted to show the frightening side of Louisiana while also giving the readers a good sampling of the state.

Tuesday March 31st marks the release of State of Horror: Louisiana Volume II by Charon Coin Press. State of Horror: Louisiana Volume I was released earlier in the month on March 17th. Both books are available in eBook and print format at online distributors Amazon, Barnes&Noble, iTunes, and Kobo. In addition both volumes are available for Amazon Match. Come take a tour of terror around State of Horror.

About State of Horror Anthology Series

State of Horror anthologies are planned to cover all 50 US states as well as some special editions. The series is broken down into regions (Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, South, Mountain, and Pacific) with a few books being released each year. Upcoming releases will be State of Horror: Tennessee and State of Horror: California in 2015. Currently, submissions are being accepted for State of Horror: Missouri.

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