State of Horror Feature Author: Spencer Carvalho

Spencer Carvalho brings his story, "Fourth Point" to the State of Horror: North Carolina anthology

Spencer Carvalho brings his story, "Fourth Point" to State of Horror: North Carolina.

Spencer Carvalho brings his story, “Fourth Point” to State of Horror: North Carolina.

To spotlight the upcoming release of State of Horror: North Carolina on Tuesday February 10th we have spent the week featuring the great authors from the book. So far we have introduced: Randal Keith Jackson, Kathryn M. Hearst, L.J. Heydorn, Frank J. Edler, Nathanael Gass, Kenneth W. Cain, Frank Larnerd, Susan Hicks Wong, Armand Rosamilia, Stuart Conover/Kerry Lipp, and Margaret L. Colton.  One of our final featured authors is Spencer Carvalho with his horrifically witty story Fourth Point.

Spencer Carvalho has lived in Brazil, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and currently resides in Ohio. He started writing short stories in high school but stopped while he attended film school. After college he started writing again. Spencer Carvalho has written short stories for various literary magazines and anthologies. To find more of his stories, check out his page or simply Google his name. Carvalho has appeared in many anthologies such as: Certain Circuits Volume 1, Another Wild West, Remembrances of Wars Past: A War Veterans Anthology, Undead of Winter, Tales of the Undead-Suffer Eternal: Volume 3, Horror in Bloom, and more.

State of Horror: North Carolina
Story Synopsis- “Fourth Point”

“A lot of the people around here think I’m crazy just because they don’t understand me. It’s easier for people when they encounter something new and different to call it crazy. Some of the locals want to pretend nothing strange ever happens and that this is a normal town and yet I’m supposed to be the crazy one.” 

The Finn family moves into an unusual neighborhood. The two teenaged Finns–Wendy and Bram are greeted by Lucky a 16 year old from the neighborhood, who offers to show them around.  Lucky takes the two Finns around the neighborhood explaining the uniqueness of the place.  Apparently, Fourth Point is unusual because it is actually the fourth point of the Bermuda Triangle.  Lucky explains that many of the residents have been abducted by aliens multiple times, electronic equipment does not often work well, there are big foots in the woods, and Lucky takes care of a sea monster who saved him from drowning once. Lucky takes the two Finns to a witch to get protection charms/spells.  While there Wendy freaks out, leaving her protection charm behind, and is nearly attacked by werewolves.  Wendy unlike Bram is finding it hard to believe anything Lucky says even with evidence, or is maybe too overwhelmed to deal with the information overload.  She demands to be taken home. When they get home, they see lights in the woods.  Wendy assumes they are lightening bugs, and sets out to prove her theory correct even though Lucky told her they were fairies.  While in the woods, Wendy has an encounter, which proves that Fourth Point is the strangest place.

 Fun Facts – Spencer Carvalho

Charon Coin Press: What inspired your story in State of Horror?
Spencer Carvalho: I had a weird dream, which I turned into a strange story.
CCP: Is there a reason this particular state appealed to you?
SC: I have family in North Carolina so I have spent time there. It also works out well geographically in terms of being near the Bermuda Triangle.
CCP: What do you look for in a horror story as a reader?
SC: A good pace and creativity.
CCP: What is your favorite writing snack food?
SC: I don’t eat while I write. If I’m hungry I stop writing, eat, and then get back to writing. I don’t want distractions like hunger.
CCP: What other works do you have out there?
SC: So far I’ve been published in 27 literary magazines and 11 anthologies. You can find most of my anthologies listed on my page.
CCP: What is one important thing the readers need to know about you?
SC: I’m mysterious. I would tell you more but I can’t.
CCP: Who are your favorite authors?
SC: Myself. That might seem arrogant but if a writer doesn’t love their own work then why continue?
CCP: What drew you to State of Horror?
SC: Pure luck.
CCP: Do you have a favorite state or state you are waiting to open?
SC: I live in Ohio so it would be cool to do an Ohio one.
CCP: Music or no music when writing? (and if yes on music, what are you listening to?)
SC: I don’t listen to music while writing but I do sometimes listen to it while thinking about the story. Fun fact, at first Wendy’s name was going to be Sarah but I wanted to find something better. Then I listened to “born to Run” by Bruce Springsteen and there’s these great lyrics that say “Wendy let me in I wanna be your friend. I want to guard your dreams and visions.” As soon as I heard that I knew her name had to be Wendy. Plus, there’s the Peter Pan connection.

State of Horror North Carolina release

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