State of Horror Feature Author(s): Stuart Conover and Kerry Lipp

State of Horror North Carolina feature author Stuart Conover & Kerry Lipp

Stuart Conover and Kerry Lipp State of Horror: North Carolina Story

Stuart Conover & Kerry Lipp join forces to bring their story, “A Heartbeat in the Darkness” to State of Horror: North Carolina

By now, you have seen the features of authors of the February 10th release, State of Horror: North Carolina. We have already visited with authors: Frank J. Edler, Nathanael Gass, Frank Larnerd, Susan Hicks Wong, Armand Rosamilia, and Margaret L. Colton. The feature we have for you today is as unique as the story itself. Not one, but two authors in a collaboration of styles wrote the story, A Heartbeat in the Darkness. Author Stuart Conover made his first appearance in the State of Horror anthologies with his story, Chicago Blues in State of Horror: Illinois. Kerry Lipp is making his State of Horror debut in this release. Let’s learn a little more about the authors, the story, and how everything came about with today’s feature authors Stuart Conover and Kerry Lipp.

Stuart Conover is a father, husband, blogger, published author, geek, entrepreneur, and horror fanatic. He lives in the Chicagoland area and when not delving into the land of horror, comics, and science fiction he spends his days working in IT and his nights with his family. Passionate about writing, you can find his work in a variety of outlets and books. When does he sleep you may ask? No one is sure that he does! Website: 

Kerry Lipp lives in Dayton, Ohio. He hates the sun and loves making fun of dead people. His parents started reading his stories and they’ve consequently booted him from their will.  Kerry’s work appears in several anthologies including DOA2 from Blood Bound Books and Attack of the B-Movie Monsters from Grinning Skull Press. His work has been featured multiple times on The Wicked Library podcast. He is currently editing his first novel and shopping a bizarro novella.  KGSL rarely (but still) blogs at and will launch his own website sometime before he dies.

State of Horror: North Carolina

Story Synopsis- “A Heartbeat in the Darkness”

“Behind him he could hear the quiet, steady beat picking up once again.”

Drake, an archeologist, embarks on a dig to find something of great importance with his students, Sheila and Spencer. Archeology has it challenges and Drake is competing with his rival Slade for the discovery. Slade and his team make a new discovery as Sheila and Spencer are drawn to a continuous beating of a drum, which leads them to their own finding and something Drake has been working for his whole adult life. Tensions mount as the teams compete, but something else is just under the surface.

Fun Facts – Kerry Lipp

Charon Coin Press: What inspired your story in State of Horror?
Kerry Lipp: You’d have to ask Stu. He came to me with this idea about a professor doing a dig in NC and uncovering something sinister. He’s more of a plotter and I’m almost exclusively pantser, so it was fun to work together, and I won’t lie, working from even a basic outline was a nice change of pace.
CCP: Is there a reason this particular state appealed to you?
KL: When I was younger my parents had a condo in North Carolina that we visited every summer and sometimes in the winter. I got to know the state a little bit and even visited Cape Hatteras when I was a kid. I’m glad Stu came to me when he did.
CCP: What do you look for in a horror story as a reader?
KL: I’m not a big fan of quiet horror or the supernatural. I like fast paced, full of sex and violence with plenty of humor sprinkled in. A Heartbeat in the Darkness (though it’s got a little sex) is a far cry from the stuff I do on my own or I would normally read, but I also appreciate diversity within the horror genre or outside of it.
CCP: What is your favorite writing snack food?
KL: I never eat when I write, but I’ve been known to pound beer and 5 hour energy.
CCP: What other works do you have out there?
KL: I’ve got stories in about 30 different anthologies now, with the most notable being DOA2 from Blood Bound Books. I’ve also been fortunate enough to have a few appearances on The Wicked Library podcast.
CCP: What is one important thing the readers need to know about you?
KL: For all the ladies reading this… I’m single. Also, I believe in hard work above all else. The harder you work, the luckier you get.
CCP: Who are your favorite authors?
KL: Richard Laymon, Jack Ketchum, Tim Waggoner, Brady Allen, Edward Lee, Shane McKenzie, The King, I can go all day haha.
CCP: What drew you to State of Horror?
KL: Stu brought me in, and I’m really glad he did. I’d seen your calls here and there, but was busy working on a novel. He came to me at the perfect time. I love the setup of State of Horror. Lots of cool places, mythology, and folklore to play with in all 50 states.
CCP: Do you have a favorite state or state you are waiting to open?
KL: The home of the 2014 college football champions and my home state. OHIO! Mansfield Reformatory, Hangar 18, Athens Asylum, Dahmer’s childhood home, The Loveland Frogmen… what are you waiting for!? Haha
CCP: Music or no music when writing? (and if yes on music, what are you listening to?)
KL: Always yes unless I’m writing in public. Usually metal like Chimaira, Trivium, Cradle of Filth, Devil Driver, Lollipop Lust Kill, Nothingface, Hatebreed. Stuff like that.

State of Horror North Carolina release


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