State of Horror Feature Author: Kenneth W. Cain

State of Horror North Carolina author Kenneth W Cain

Kenneth W. Cain story "By the Crescent Moon"

Kenneth W. Cain bring his story, “By the Crescent Moon” to State of Horror: North Carolina

We continue our featured authors of State of Horror: North Carolina. By now, you have seen the features of authors from the February 10th release including: Frank J. Edler, Nathanael Gass, Frank Larnerd, Susan Hicks Wong, Armand Rosamilia, Stuart Conover/Kerry Lipp, and Margaret L. Colton. We continue our exploration of the state of North Carolina with author Kenneth W. Cain and his story, By the Crescent Moon.

Kenneth W. Cain became interested in the art of storytelling at a young age, listening to his grandfather spin tales beside the light of a barrel fire in southern Illinois.  Darkness, fear, mystery, and the unknown were all elements the old man wove into his stories, and Kenneth relies on these same techniques in his own stories.

His passion for dark fiction became realized early on, after hearing the tale of Baba Yaga, and then reignited while on-call for the graveyard shift at Pepperidge Farm.  He immersed himself in a world full of books, late night television, and chronic nightmares, embracing his own fears through his writing and artwork.

Kenneth W. Cain is the author of The Saga Of I trilogy (These TrespassesGrave Revelations, and Reckoning), The Dead Civil War, and two acclaimed short story collections: These Old Tales and Fresh Cut Tales. His short stories have been published, and are forthcoming, in several anthologies and publications. He lives in Chester County, Pennsylvania with his wife and two children.

State of Horror: North Carolina

Story Synopsis- “By the Crescent Moon”

“The darkness moved again and this time when he looked he did so without pointing the flashlight in that direction for fear of falling. A single pair of bright eyes blinked into existence. His heart leaped in his chest and he nearly slid back down again.”

Mike leaves the city behind and moves to the country. His cat, Chester, who he loves dearly, escapes outside and is lost in a dense fog. Mike begins a quest to find his beloved cat. He is unfamiliar with his surroundings and doesn’t know anyone around him.  His trip through the fog becomes a dire situation until he comes across his neighbor. Though he is warned by his elderly neighbor to not wander around on a night like this, he doesn’t listen and continues his search through the foggy night. Mike’s search takes him into the hills and to something he was not prepared for.

Fun Facts- Kenneth W. Cain

Charon Coin Press: What inspired your story in State of Horror?
Kenneth W. Cain: My story was inspired by the legend of the subterranean moon-eyed people.
CCP: Is there a reason this particular state appealed to you?
KWC: I got lost in North Carolina once and I guess that experience stuck with me some.
CCP: What do you look for in a horror story as a reader?
KWC: Personally, I enjoy the quiet horror stories more than the splatter stuff. Those ones tend to linger in my thoughts.
CCP: What is your favorite writing snack food?
KWC: Sunflower seeds
CCP: What other works do you have out there?
KWC: I have a science fiction/horror trilogy The Saga of I, which tells a story of Earth-born aliens, family ties, and love. I also have The United States of the Dead, a story of politics getting in the way of progress and how one man uses that to his advantage. But this is also a story of love conquers all. I have two collections, These Old Tales and Fresh Cut Tales, and several short stories in publications from Post Mortem Press, Science Fiction Trails, and several others. I also have stories coming out in the Dark House Press anthology, Exigencies and the Eldritch Press anthology, Our World of Horror.
CCP: What is one important thing the readers need to know about you?
KWC: I am not normal. Kidding, of course…maybe. Seriously, I’m just having fun doing what I love, writing horror stories.
CCP: Who are your favorite authors?
KWC: In no particular order: Joe Hill, Jack Ketchum, Stephen King, Dean Koontz are my big ones. But I’m a fan of a myriad of authors, far too many to list.
CCP: What drew you to State of Horror?
KWC: I grew up in Illinois and saw that call.
CCP: Do you have a favorite state or state you are waiting to open?
KWC: Each and every state is fair game in my book. They all have their haunting little secrets waiting to be discovered.
CCP: Music or no music when writing? (and if yes on music, what are you listening to?)
KWC: Definitely music. A lot depends on my mood, but on any given day I might go from Metallica, to Pink Floyd (my personal favorite), to Live, to Eminem, to Satriani, to Sinatra. Somewhere in that mix, a character will meet their end. Who knows when?

State of Horror North Carolina release


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