Press Release: Carl R. Moore’s “Slash of Crimson and Other Tales”

Carl R Moore***JUST ANNOUNCED***

Charon Coin Press is happy to announce the signing of Carl R. Moore.  Moore brings an exciting project to Charon Coin Press in the form of his collection Slash of Crimson and Other StoriesSlash of Crimson is a prelude, and unique look into the world of Moore’s series The Crimes of Heaven and Hell.  Along with the novella Slash of Crimson several other short stories will appear from The Crimes of Heaven and Hell world.  Charon Coin is excited to enter into this project with Moore, who has brought a unique voice to the press with his tales.

Recently, Moore posted this on his website to announce the news of this new project:

“Returning from the woods always inspires an increased thirst for writing. I am quenching it daily by working on the manuscript for a new novelette. I am announcing here, however, that my novella Slash of Crimson, originally published in 2012 by Rymfire Books, will be released in a new edition, along with a substantial number of shorter works, as Slash of Crimson and Other Stories, by Charon Coin press.

I’m excited to be working with a new publisher, and have this definitive edition produced by Charon Coin founder Jerry Benns and editor Margie Colton. This expanded release will be twice the length of the original, with the new material comprising the novelette and a substantial list of fresh short stories. I invite any reader who loves headily high-octane horror, full of gruesome action coupled with erotic allure, to give Slash of Crimson and Other Stories a try.”

Carl R. Moore writes fiction in the horror, sci-fi, and fantasy genres.  He lives in upstate New York with his wife Sarah, and daughters Maddy Dee and Izzy Marie.  His work has appeared in multiple magazines, science fiction and horror anthologies.  To learn more about Carl R. Moore check out his website at


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