Jerry Benns Talks State of Horror on The Star Chamber Show

This past summer, State of Horror Editor, Jerry E. Benns, appeared on an episode of The Star Chamber where he discussed the future and essence of the State of Horror Series. One of the hosts of the show and author in his own right, Alexander S. Brown pulled some of the secret workings and ideas behind the Charon Coin Press Anthology. This episode aired July 2014. Take a moment to learn more from Jerry Benns on the Star Chamber Show

The Star Chamber Show Episode Featuring Jerry E. BennsThe Star Chamber Show

From The Star Chamber Show show information page:

Jerry_Benns_Bio_photoOur guest on the Star Chamber Show this coming week is Jerry Benns!  An author, editor, blogger, and publisher, Jerry is an active and rising force in the indie book world! We will be talking about events, books, and his new company Charon Coin Press, among other topics!

For a little more about Jerry:

Jerry Benns started writing when he was quite young. However, he began seriously writing in 2010 by launching his blog, Since then, he has expanded the site to include interviews with authors, book reviews, and sections to encourage building the writing community. Jerry’s deep-seeded enjoyment of reading and writing now has him embarking on the exciting journey of publishing by launching Charon Coin Press.

In 2014, after becoming the editor for the State of Horror anthology series, Jerry pursued the opportunity to purchase the series, and others, in order to release them under his new publishing company, Charon Coin Press. Jerry brings his experience from his previous marketing/branding company, as well 15 years of experience as a networker and project manager to Charon Coin Press.

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