Announcement: California is the New State of Horror Open Submission

Catching a wave, catching some rays, fresh mountain air, glitz and glamour, the rugged outdoors, giant sequoias, street cars, winding highways, desert, Alcatraz, Hollywood, the Golden Gate Bridge—so many possibilities exist for great stories from California.

State of Horror California DeadlineWelcome to the next stop on the State of Horror road trip—the state of California.  California was a previously released state and is now open for a complete re-launch, like New Jersey and Louisiana.  California, the Golden State, is ripe with possible horrifying tales of horror.  Just the settings alone make California a fertile setting for scary stories.  Between the lore of beasts to real people doing horrible things, there are endless supplies of background material to build a story around.

So many time periods lend themselves to great stories in California.  Think of the golden age of Hollywood, or the rise of Silicon Valley (Could computers take over the world?), maybe go back to the days of the Gold Rush or San Francisco in the 1960s.  There are rich histories to pull amazing stories from in California.

California has a wide range of people and cultures and yet everyone seems to blend into that “California” identity.  It is a special place with a flavor all its own just waiting for a story to weave in the culture which is California.

Charon Coin Press is thrilled that California is open now and will run from October 1, 2014 to January 31, 2015.(**EXTENDED**)  Will California be your state of horror? 



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