Thomas Long Brings “Cast No Shadow” to Charon Coin Press

Thomas LongCharon Coin Press is very pleased to announce the signing of author Thomas Long. The signing of Long with Charon Coin Press marks the beginning of a very exciting project. Development is underway for a four book series based on Long’s successful, previously released novel, Cast No Shadow. Long’s Cast No Shadow is a great thriller set in St. Louis, Missouri. We are really looking forward to not only revamping Cast, but also working closely with Long developing the series from the Cast world.

Thomas Long is not new to the writing community; his exceptional talents have been around for twenty-five years. Long has been the author of the nationally syndicated slice-of-life column Longshots. He has also written for the stage including his original plays That Old Gang of Mine—produced nation-wide, as well as Out Calls Only—from which he won the New Voices award in 2010. In addition to writing, Long has also managed a highly successful local theatre company for several years, producing a string of productions and cabaret shows.

Another of Long’s published novels included Flying a Kite at Night During a Storm. Charon Coin Press is proud to be working with such a gifted talent as Thomas Long and looks forward to producing great works with him which will amaze readers.

Welcome Thomas Long into the

Charon Coin press family!


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