Letter from the Editor: Submissions Close and Cover Revealed

Paying the Ferryman Submission Close and Cover Reveal

It’s official—submissions for Paying the Ferryman closed September 1st.  Here at Charon Coin Press, we cannot wait to start reading the submissions we have. We are anticipating some truly amazing stories.  The selection process is going to be rough due to the large number of submissions from some talented people.  It has been so difficult to not begin reading before the close, but now we can start.  Thank you to everyone who submitted and helped create buzz on this project.  We were happily surprised at the response to Paying the Ferryman.  We never dreamed that the concept of stories after the main character was dead would take off like it did—we just thought it was a cool concept.  Apparently many of you agreed with us and it has been wonderful hearing people talk about their story ideas and how they have been working on their stories.

Paying the Ferryman cover IllustrationPaying the Ferryman is my first anthology as the in-charge Editor.  I’m so excited to get it started and want this anthology to just wow the readers, and I’m sure the stories submitted will do just that. Each story to be selected will showcase a different aspect of the after death experience and will draw the readers in to new and different dark realities.  I know these stories will resonant with the readers.

We already have an amazing cover for Paying the Ferryman from Natasha Alterici.   Alterici’s work has just blown me away.  She took my stick-figure drawing and lengthy, scattered, rambling descriptions and created a phenomenal cover. Natasha Alterici has got some kind of talent!  The cover will easily do the stories inside proud.  Besides Paying the Ferryman, you can also see her work on State of Horror: New Jersey and State of Horror: Illinois. Her attention to detail brings a great depth to these covers and is always eye-catching.

The selection process for the stories will begin next week and we should be able to announce the selections in 6-8 weeks.  In truth I am aiming for six weeks because I’ve been chomping at the bit to read the submissions.  After the selection process the editing will begin.  From there we are anticipating a January release date for Paying the Ferryman.  It’s a great way to start off the new year.   So thank you again for your submission and interest in Paying the Ferryman.  Check back for more information on the anthology as we move through the process.

ML ColtonMargaret L. Colton is an avid history buff, especially in the areas of Medieval Europe, Ancient Greece and American History, she loves all things history. She has been imparting her historical knowledge on her students for the past 12 years, teaching not only historical subjects but psychology as well. She teaches in the same district she graduated from—Hillsboro. Even though she has two Master’s degrees in education, the writing community called to her.

Before beginning to write again after many years, she began editing and recently started ML Colton Editorial Services. Currently, she has a short story in State of Horror: New Jersey, with others set to be published early next year. Besides dabbling with some short stories, she is the Editor-in-chief at Charon Coin Press and has an anthology coming out early next year  entitled Paying the Ferryman with another anthology soon after.

She has two beautiful daughters who share her love of books and fun and some amazing friends around her. Even though she lives in Hillsboro, Missouri and is a rabid Cardinals fan, she loves to travel to some of her favorite places like New Orleans, Florida and Hawaii.

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