Announcement: New State of Horror Story Submission

State of Horror TennesseeA little over a week ago Charon Coin Press conducted a very scientific, in depth, highly objective survey asking members of the State of Horror author group which state should open up next for tales of terror- Tennessee or Kentucky. The competition was fierce with great arguments on both sides.  Voting was fast and furious and somewhere there were monkeys or bears involved.  There was even sampling of the age old argument about which is better, Beam or Daniels. At the end of the day when the votes were eventually counted the people had spoken or yelled…

So without further ado, the next state to open for submissions in the State of Horror Anthology will be the state of Tennessee. And with even more exciting news, we have decided to do the submissions a little differently than the last couple of rounds. We will stagger the states by a month; this grand plan is designed to make it a little easier for anyone who would like to submit stories to both states.  With that in mind, submissions for Tennessee will open on August 1, 2014, with the next state set to open on October 1, 2014(no I’m not telling you what that state will be yet).

Please visit the State of Horror open submission page to get the particulars on the newest state to open and start planning your spooky story. We are looking forward to seeing what stories are submitted.

Click below to get more information on State of Horror: Tennessee.


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