Announcement – State of Horror: New Jersey Story List

State of Horror: New JerseyIn January 2014, State of Horror: New Jersey became the first rereleased anthology to be selected as part of the State of Horror series relaunch. State of Horror: New Jersey was previously released by Rymfire Books and contained seven stories. In the relaunch, it once again opened for submissions adding six new stories, and a brand new story from series creator Armand Rosamilia, to the previous stories. The original release contained horrific tales from authors Scott M. Goriscak, Diane Arrelle, T. Fox Dunham, C.I. Kemp, Christian Jensen, and Blaze McRob.  In the new release, we will be adding several great authors to the list.

The selection process was difficult. So many well written terrifying stories were submitted. The challenge was finding the stories that blended well with the previous stories to create a well-paced collection of tales. As I look through the list at each of the selected authors, I have to admit I am excited to be a part of this project and work with such talent. It will be an honor to work with this group. I look forward to spending time working together as we complete the final touches to mold State of Horror: New Jersey into book readers will enjoy.

As you look through the names listed below, some you may recognize and others may be new to the genre. Over the next few months, we will all get a chance to learn more about each of them as we schedule interviews and little teasers for the final release.

Without further delay, let’s present the stories set to appear in Charon Coin Press’ State of Horror: New Jersey anthology. The stories and names listed below are not in the order they will appear in the final book.

A Friend of the Family by Diane Arrelle

Doctor Nightshade Comes to Ocean City, NJ by T. Fox Dunham

Monster by Christian Jensen

Evacuation by C. I. Kemp

American Gargoyle by Scott M. Goriscak

Rudetown Road by Blaze McRob

Memories of Her are Dead by Eli Constant

Road Wearier by Tim Baker

Sweets for My Sweets by Margaret L. Colton

Red Eyes by Nathanael Gass

Under the Boardwalk by Julianne Snow

Dying Days: Charon by Armand Rosamilia

Pork Roll, Egg, and Sleaze by Frank J. Edler

State of Horror: New Jersey is scheduled to be released Summer 2014 by Charon Coin Press. Look for upcoming interviews with the authors as they discuss the inspiration for their stories and the draw from the State of Horror anthologies.

Check back for more information and upcoming announcements from Charon Coin Press.

Jerry E. Benns

Editor, State of Horror

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