NEWS: Paying the Ferryman

CharonCoinPressLogoCharon Coin Press Announces Open Call for Submission: Paying the Ferryman

What happens after you die? Charon Coin Press plans to explore this question. A plethora of ideas, concepts, legends, myths, and religious theories exist as potential inspiration. Take your pick, ask a psychic, or dream something up, whatever it takes to get the creative juices flowing because Charon Coin Press is thrilled to announce its first original anthology-Paying the Ferryman. Inspired by Charon himself, this anthology dives into the world after death.

Paying the Ferryman, with editor Margaret Colton, will feature a collection of horror stories occurring after the main character dies. What happens next is only limited by the imagination, but rest assured, nothing good will transpire with these characters. The setting, plane, or world is open as long as the main character is dead, and the story is horror, the possibilities of an after death existence is open. If you didn’t fear death before, you will after reading these terrifying tales from the other side.

Submissions open soon for Paying the FerrymanJune 1, 2014.

Check out Paying the Ferryman for the specific guidelines on the submission page.

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